Submissions and Pitches

We are always looking to collaborate on visual stories they are excited to tell. Each quarter, we commission four (4) essays, but we accept story pitches year-round.

Fameless Quarterly is constantly looking to build it's team of contributors. We're a small team, and this is an opportunity to be in at the ground level and grow our mission of making a platform for visual and textual creativity. Give us your brainpower and drive, and we’ll give you mentorship and access to our growing network of artists, journalists, and partners.

Common requirements:
- An interest in media, art, and their relations to culture
- A reliable internet connection, anywhere in the world
- Enthusiasm for Fameless Quarterly's mission and products

As part of your onboarding we do require you to join the Workshop Discord server. It's where we collaborate, plus we have a ton of good times there.

A great deal of the material published in Fameless Quarterly is written by strangers whose work comes to us via the internet. Our system for reading submissions isn't intricate but it is always improving. We’re still a very small organization—Fameless has just a few editors—and some things move slowly. At this time, as we catch up on our reading, submissions are temporarily closed. We hope to reopen them soon. When we do, you can help us by observing the following guidelines:

We regularly showcase imaginative and unique editorials from people all around the world. If you are interested in submitting work for consideration please see below.


All submissions must include a Dropbox link (no WeTransfers) with 3-5 images.

Do not submit your images in the body of the email or via Google Drive.

In the same email, please include full team list (if applicable) + links to portfolios and clearly outlined credits in an attached pdf.

Send your work and any other important information to


Is up to you.

Cover Letter

Please keep yours brief, though we do like to hear from people who like the magazine. We’re not concerned about writing degrees or past publications, so don’t be daunted if you don’t have an MFA or much in the way of previously published work.

Your contact information

Should be on your submission—not solely on the cover letter. Cover letters can disappear. Please include your name and email address, ideally on every page.

Artist bios

Pretty please. Include a brief biography of yourself. We reserve the right to publish your brief biography instead of your submission.


Any colors, fonts, or strange formatting you use won't matter by the time it makes it to print.

Style and subject

We publish fiction and nonfiction. There are no rules. The best way to get a sense of what we’re interested in publishing is to read the Quarterly.


Poems of any length/form are acceptable and we encourage you to submit as many as you want. However, for us to print them they must have at least something to do with the theme of that given issue in order to be considered. We'll typically hold on to a poetry submission until the appropriate time to published based on our theme.

What makes a good story?

🗣 The idea is worthy of public discourse.

Would people debate the premise of the idea for 20 minutes? What assumptions does it challenge?

👁 There's a deeper truth.

What does the story reveal (even if it’s buried deep in the essay)? Does the reader leave the essay feeling differently?

👉 You're showing, not telling.

Visuals make your argument more accessible and less complex than a thousand-word essay.


We are looking for intelligent, thoughtful conversations and interviews with artists, writers, photographers, critics, and filmmakers.


We welcome essay submissions of any length. If you'd like to get a better feel for what we're looking for, we highly recommend you browse through our site's archives and see what we've published over the past four years.

What to Send Us

If you have a story in mind that you're excited about that meets our criteria, send us a message at and tell us about it. Please include the following information:

Headline The hook, describes what this story is about in a few words
Summary The elevator pitch, a few sentences explaining the idea and why you're excited about it
Proof Does this have legs? Depending on where you are in the process, this can be in the form of data analysis, storyboards, prototypes, etc.
Assistance What piece(s) might you need help with from us? While some of our freelance contributors are capable of completing a visual story from end-to-end on their own, we often collaborate with our contributors. Would you need help with data analysis, writing, design, front-end code, or some other piece needed to tell this story? No matter the division of labor, Fameless Quarterly always assigns an editor to each freelance pitch we take on, so that there is always someone to bounce ideas off of and problem solve with you.
Links Do you have a portfolio, blog, or any other relevant work that you'd like to share with us?

Still not sure if your idea is right for Fameless Quarterly? This worksheet may help you further refine your thinking.

We have a standing meeting on Mondays to review submissions and we try to provide feedback, regardless of whether or not we pursue the pitch, within a week.

Need some inspiration? Check out our team idea backlog to find story ideas we've kicked around but haven't started yet. Feel free to take them and make them your own.


We pay our authors $400 for all published essays. Fameless Quarterly is committed to publishing a diverse range of voices, especially those contributing to the collective rewriting of a discipline that has long kept difference in its margins, to the benefit of dominant voices who have too long held the center. We welcome authors who illuminate the art industry's blind spots, who oppose its many complicities, who resist its production of norms—and who champion a more open, more equal built environment.

Time Commitment

This varies greatly from contributor to contributor. Many of the people we collaborate with are working full-time elsewhere and have limited time per week to spend on a story. At that rate, projects often take several months to complete. If a contributor has more time available per week to contribute, we do our best to help move stories along at a faster pace.

Questions or suggestions?

If you have a story that you’re excited about that meets our criteria, hit us up at with the stuff above. Need some inspiration?  Check out our team idea backlog for a jumping off point.

Is there an artists or an art-related topic that you think Fameless Quarterly should be covering? Or a particular writer you'd like to see us reach out to or feature in an upcoming issue? Our WORKSHOP Discord server is the place to let us know!