When I tell people how excited I am about the new world of popular jewelry websites and how I think it can lead to a whole new way for people to express themselves creatively, they normally think I'm either biased or crazy. But the truth is, some of the simplest do it yourself jewelry websites, websites that allow you to choose from various designs and materials to create your own individual piece, may be heralding the arrival of a new era for creative design.

A New Era for Creative Arts

In the old days, the artist, designer or jeweler would work in isolation in his workshop or studio and the adoring, or not so adoring public would get its chance to voice its opinion once the work of creation was done. A normal person with no background in the creative arts could never be a part of any serious creative process, at least that's the way we were taught to think and something we have all gotten used to.

But what if the new trends in internet marketing, such as the ones we've just discussed above, trends that allow users to choose ,mix and match various designs and materials point in a new direction?

Eliminating the Boundaries between High and Low Art

Let's imagine an art website that allows users to be an active part of the creative process. The first thing you would choose is the size of the painting. Next you will be able top specify the dominant colors, taking into consideration your favorite color schemes and the environment in which you would like to place the painting. What about style? Do you prefer abstract or surrealist, realistic or impressionist? If we take this a further step, you can also choose the theme of the painting or the characters. If this is done for you by an expert artist, will the final outcome be high or low art? Isn't this a lot like the paintings of old that were commissioned by patrons?

A New Creative Democracy

Some of you may consider this as sacrilege, but why not allow everybody to get involved with any creative process, especially if they're paying for it? Artists have been complaining for years that the public does not care enough about art, isn't this an opportunity to change things? Current creative websites, such as my own do it yourself jewelry sites are a very humble beginning, but I do believe that this may change in the not so distant future and may eventually completely reshape how we create, consume and experience art.