An unassuming trio from London, Ontario, Snow Mantled Love describes their music as “bedroom pop,” and it is easy to see why. Resonant production, perfectly blended guitar and keyboards, and the stunning delivery of vocalist Danielle Fricke make for some of the dreamiest indie in the scene. 

Their songs are warm, wistful, private, and serene. Constantly evoking a sense of longing or projecting soundscapes of delightful depth, it’s music for staying in, watching a storm out the window, and feeling pretty. 

Since their formation in mid-2012, they have released an EP titled Romance 126, and later released it in remix form under the name Remix 126.  After the release of this EP last fall, the band continues to delve into their melancholic haze with even more inspiration and mellow tones.

Songs like “Drift Down” and “Dream Talk” are beautiful midnight ballads that will make you fall in love with Fricke’s voice, while “All In The Name Of Good Dancing” stands out as a two-minute piece with more electronic elements and greater drive.

While the songs can also tend to carry on further than is necessary for them to create impact, and combined with a placid mood to induce some drowsiness, it is not a heavy or lagging work to take in, and has all the potential to become a favorite among fans of Beach House or the quieter side of Modest Mouse’s repertoire.