Some say that ever since photography became digital, it has lost a lot of its magic. When something becomes easy, it starts to slip into the mundane, it becomes repetitive and loses slowly its power as a creative tool. This revolution split photographers and created two subcategories within the medium. Even though a majority are working within this digital world, some still have the dedication to stick to the medium’s truest form and Rodolfo makes it seem effortless.

Rodolfo Diaz was born in West New York, NJ. Rodolfo has been taking photos since his older sister showed him the ropes at the age of 15. She showed Rodolfo everything from how to operate an SLR to making his work come to life in print in the darkroom. He is enamored with Fine Art photography and portraiture, which is obvious to see in his work. He continually leads the viewer into a world of fascinating portraits and amazing minimalistic city and landscapes which show a subtle mood of loneliness. His portraits aim to simplify beauty, provoke the viewer’s imagination, and express his subjects’ feelings when words fail.

Fameless Quarterly: Do you have any influences in the photography world, art world or any other world that you can tell us about?

Rodolfo Diaz: Can I just give names? I don’t want to get into detail on just one individual, because there’s so many extraordinary individuals creating impactful work that need to be mentioned. Okay, so here’s a few in no specific order: Thomas Gardiner (Photographer), Mustafah Abdulaziz (Photographer), Taryn Simon (Photographer/Interdisciplinary), Pablo Lopez Luz (Photographer), Nina Chanel Abney (Painter), Glenn Ligon (Painter/Sculptor), Barkley L. Hendricks(Painter). The list goes on, but that’s what quickly comes to mind.

FQ: Do you see your personality reflected in your work?

RD: Absolutely. And I'm going to keep this response short because the answer is real simple. I’m currently 26 years old, and I know what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s through that passion, where I am able to project myself in the most sincere way possible.

FQ: How do you see yourself growing as a photographer in the coming years?

RD: A friend recently told me that if you’re not growing, then you’re shrinking--hahaha--I’m going to make sure the latter never occurs. At this point in my life I can’t see myself not growing, but to pinpoint as to how I will, well I couldn’t even imagine. Luckily, I’m fortunate to have a few friends who are incredibly creative and intelligent, that inspire me to push to the envelope, and to ditch that internal conflict that deters me from being progressive.

FQ: What makes you happy and/or sad?

RD: What a question! Talk about being cosmic in size. Generally, I'm a rather happy person. There’s a plethora of things that make me happy, but a few things I can identify with that make me happy on a much grander scale, would be my solitude; being able to listen to music at home without being disturbed; decent weather that allows me to cycle great distance; the company of my family; and most importantly, that feeling of excitement I get, when I'm heading to my photo lab to pick up my film that has just been developed. What makes me sad. Well there’s many things, and I don’t like to bring them up, because the thought of them alone, kind of makes me upset. But to give you an idea as to what comes to mind, well it would have to be, distrust; the negative that occurs daily throughout the world; Cold weather, which deters me from being able to cycle comfortably; people who can’t seem to grasp the idea, that sometimes (well most the times) I just want to be alone; and the biggest bummer of all, is when I feel real keen about a roll/rolls of film I just shot, and after processing, I'm completely dissatisfied.

FQ: Any heroes?

RD: It’s going to sound like a cop-out, because so many people have said it at some point, but certainly my Pops. The thing is, I haven’t always felt that way about him, and more often than not, I have this feeling of ambivalence towards him. And the reason I say him, is because as I get older and our relationship becomes more fruitful, I'm starting to know things about him, that I would never imagine, and it’s all because he’s not very open about discussing himself. In all the qualities that I could pick that I feel make him an admirable individual, is the fact that he’s always willing to sacrifice his time, in order to provide for someone else who is in need.