As early as 2012, Danish songwriter Mø had been leaving traces of her electronic soul to indie audiences around the globe with a series of singles and Bikini Daze, an EP that has made her debut LP one of the most anticipated records of the year.

No Mythologies to Follow is a perfect example of her artistry. Equally divided between new material and previous releases, the album is a reflection of her idiosyncrasy and boldness as a musician. The entire record borders between astonishingly beautiful and somewhat peculiar, fluctuating to different extremes to chronicle the insecurity and romantic complications of young adulthood.

The first thing anyone is bound to notice is Orsted’s voice; partly due to spot-on vocal mixing, it stands out as the highlight of the record. Beautiful even when it ventures oddly into its higher register, its inability to sit still is its most remarkable feature. It swirls and scintillates, laments and longs for, and makes itself the master of any sound it has to adapt to.

As the album winds forward, fans will find themselves invariably split between the previously released material and the new songs. It seems, at times, that she is lacking the drive that earned her the considerable following gathered in such a short time, or that she gets stuck in trying to craft a complex song and ends up losing the direct impact she has shown such talent for. Despite this, the record as a whole still shows all her abilities and artistic insights. With the eccentricity of a modern day Nico and a set of musical abilities that is entirely her own, Mø makes her official debut as one of synth pop’s most promising stars.

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