Already with the release of their debut EP Bangs last summer, Central Jersey duo Brick + Mortar are giving their hometown of Asbury Park something else to be remembered by -- besides Springsteen.

Playing a rather singular brew of music, their driving, edgy, dynamic crosses streams madly to make a record produced in hip hop fashion, seeping from every corner with subtle keyboard hooks, and crafting a highly improbable sound that blends the tone of the most unconventional indie music with mammoth anthems like “Old Boy” and “Heatstroke” to thrash about to at concerts and scream every word to back at the stage.  

Unique as they are engaging, their appeal is not simply a random phenomenon of eclectic lunacy, but rather a masterful, experienced vision that combines everything possible while indulging in artistic expression. 

The band will release an LP later this year after coming back from a U.S. tour that has seen them play at Lollapalooza, making now the perfect time to go see them live. 

Watch these two as they blast a noise fierce enough to rival a metal quintet, or charm the crowd with their charisma. Frontman /multi-instrumentalist Brandon Asraf’s lyrics are introspectively private, his delivery dreamy and distant; yet it all strikes a chord of humanity, which when laid out with frenetic and precise powerhouse John Tacon’s drums, sends fans into hysteria and leaves new listeners in awe. Going to one of their shows is a must for every indie fan in New Jersey.

Part of our TRANSITION issue.