Exterior, Randsburg Art Gallery

Randall "Hoot" Smith, owner of the Randsburg Art Gallery, announces his rogue vision of promoting world class artists. "I know this is hard to believe from an art gallery owner but I think that artists deserve 100 percent of the value of their art! Yes, that's right, 100 percent," says Smith.

Smith asks: "If you're a world class artist, does it really matter if you show in New York City, Paris or Los Angeles? Well, yes and no. Yes, big name galleries have big name client lists and expensive showrooms in beautiful art centers. They also charge the artist considerable commission fees for their services. And no - if you're a famous artist, your clients need only to know where to find your art."

Now all that being said, here's the deal. The Randsburg Art Gallery is located just two and half hours from Los Angeles in the historic Rand Mining District and old gold mining town of Randsburg. The gallery occupies more than two thousand square feet of museum quality viewing space in what was originally the First Bank of Randsburg (circa 1920).

The gallery is adorned with fifteen foot walls and wonderful, original tin panel ceilings. Smith adds, "Any and all world class artists can show and sell their art at absolutely no cost; and I mean no commissions or fees."

"Why and how is the gallery able to do this?" asks Smith. "It's easy. Why? I want Randsburg to become an art center destination. How? The gallery is self-sufficient and, honestly, I want to turn the commercial art world on its head. As an artist myself, I've had it with posh, snooty galleries dictating terms and conditions."

He concludes, "I want artists to thrive and prosper, to enjoy the true value of their art in a friendly, receptive atmosphere. They can find that here in the Randsburg Art Gallery."