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Fameless Quarterly serves is an online journal dedicated to underrated artists, that combines dynamic content with compelling critical debate. We see the genres of the interviews and the critical essay as vital but still underutilized ways of exploring the ideas and problems that animate the field of contemporary art, and we hope to push these genres beyond their most familiar forms, whether journalistic or academic. Our aim is to explore the broader implications of a given object of discourse (whether text, film, exhibition, building, project, or hypermedia), to expand the terrain of what we imagine discourse in the arts to be, and to broaden the diversity of voices that our field typically hears from. We are interested in reviews that test and expand the reviewer’s own intellectual commitments—theoretical, artistically, and political—through the work of others.

On the surface, Fameless is a collection of textual and visual art created by unpublished artists, but if you look deeper, Fameless is a product of passion and dedication to something we love. Fameless Quarterly is a group of writers and art geeks who think that writing, along with many art forms, just begs to be shared and that truly stellar work deserves to be appreciated. Fameless Quarterly is about introducing the creative minds that are shaping the world of the art, a top selection of passionate individuals, vibrant visual narrative and cutting-edge art. Fameless Quarterly is designed for and with the people who believe in a creative identity, take risks, and enjoy the process: unconventional and hungry.

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Fameless Quarterly is a remote team of contributors spread across the US and overseas. We stay productive by using Discord and Airtable.

We operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and always open to hear pitches, so feel free to send them our way. Essays, criticism, poetry, reportage, interviews, and short humor pieces will all be evaluated and considered. Fameless Quarterly is written by the community it serves: writers, photographers, illustrators, designers and painters. Do you have art work you’d like to see featured in Fameless Quarterly? We regularly feature our readers’ works of art and rely on your willingness to share your ideas. Please keep in mind that we are absolutely not looking for formulaic "reviews" of any kind. We're far more interested in content that has you interacting, engaging, or wrestling with an artwork and artists in some personal or unique way. Creativity and thinking outside of the box are highly encouraged.

Before you send us your submissions, please read over the submissions guidelines. Thank you.

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