Guidelines for Manuscript Submissions

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Please submit a completed manuscript, along with a brief cover letter that details the work and any publishing credentials you want us to be aware of. At this time, we are primarily considering fiction manuscripts. We are looking for what we would characterize as bold, creative work of high literary merit. 

If you have a non-fiction manuscript that you’d like for us to consider, we will, but please keep in mind that the creative threshold is very high. It would have to be exceptional, and exceptionally creative.

NONFICTION manuscripts

While submissions are open, please send along manuscripts that meet the following criteria—we remain, as always, incredibly excited to read your work. And please note that we only accept electronic manuscripts for books. Poetry submissions are addressed further down this page, and do not belong on our Submittable site.


There are no guidelines for length.


Complete manuscripts only, with the exception of cookbooks—we are happy to accept cookbook proposals or full manuscripts.

Multiple submissions are fine, but if your manuscript is accepted elsewhere, please follow up with your work and email us. If you’ve read all the above, please continue to email us.


The Fameless Poetry Series publishes approximately four collections each year. We are open to all styles of poetry.

Book-length manuscripts should be sent with a cover letter via MS Word document or PDF to Include your name, phone number, and email address. If you haven’t received a response within eight months, feel free to follow up by email.

Make sure to let us know if your manuscript has been accepted elsewhere.

While FPG remains a very small operation, all manuscripts are read by at least four readers, including at least one editor, so responses may take half a year or more. Thanks in advance for your patience.