The Fall EP by Rhye

It’s been almost a year since Rhye conquered the scene with their single, Open. You can’t listen to Rhye and NOT compare her to Sade, that’s not even a bad comparaison.This duo’s sound is a mix between pop and funk with a little romance sprinkled on top – it’s a modern sound and I love it.  Their second single The Fall is another slice of audible heaven. Rhye made some ears point in their direction earlier last year with their amazing 3-track debut EP Open, particularly speaking with the stunning title track Open. Despite the mystery that surrounded them in the beginning of their musical career, their fans still stick with them. We have, and will continue to as long as they keep putting out these bangers. Their more recent track The Fall is a incredibly attractive layered track which combines a sunk sounds with some soft soul sounds; EP is out now.

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