Introduction: FAMELESS music

Nick Drake – “Introduction”

The xx – “Intro”

Introductions and album openers serve an important purpose in the music world, which, if done with good intentions, should be able to set the mood and keep you locked in from the first sonic wave hitting your eardrums til the last. It should give you a clear representation of what you should be expecting going forward and only improve from there.

Every intro you’ve ever heard on an album is like being greeted a new or familiar friend. It can be a great way to kick your relationship off with that person if you’ve never met them; get to know their style, how the present themselves, and how they act in different surroundings. If it’s someone you know, it can be like getting to know them for the first time all over again or maybe just appear to be that guy you know who hasn’t changed at all in the last 10 years.

Take the two tracks above: Nick Drake’s “Introduction” from 1970’s Bryter Layter and The xx’s “Intro” from 2009’s xx. Both solid examples of artists creating a specific track just to showcase their musical abilities upfront before we even hear a constructed song. Drake shows us how beautiful a masterfully hand-picked acoustic guitar can really sound, with an orchestral ensemble just extenuating it even more. Likewise, The xx gives us a taste of their electronica/indie pop influences and incorporates the ethereal, minimalistic, and harmonious elements that span the entirety of the complete album.

All this heavy talk about introductions leads us to the introduction of what we’d like to call FAMELESS Music. As FAMELESS expands through its online blog and print magazine, so does the content, and one of our first new additions we’re introducing are the topics of the ever-expanding music world. From hip-hop to indie rock to EDM to americana, we’re going to try to cover it all for you through discussing new albums, posting interesting tracks, remembering our classics, and talking with the artists that make it all happen. We’ll bring in a little help from here to there covering more things, and even get the audience involved in a couple posts if you’re interested. More about that later in the week.

Hopefully you enjoy the new music content being mixed in with the great content you already come to see on FAMELESS. We’ll see how it all goes from here. Intro complete. Now onto the next track.

WORDS: Jared Silva is the Senior Music Editor for Fameless Magazine.

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