Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships



Fameless Publishing Group is a small team and fills positions infrequently. As openings become available they will be posted on this page. Due to limited resources we are only able to accept applications if there is a position currently open.

When jobs do become available, FPG frequently looks to hire from past and current interns.

Current Openings: 

Fameless Publishing Group has no searches open at this time.



Fameless is committed to providing challenging opportunities and career-enhancing experiences for its interns. Our internships are unpaid and may or may not offer creative production work but do give a general first hand experience on how a small, but vital, art-based business is run. Interns will gain a familiarity with the field of artists’ publications, as well as get strong hands-on experience in the context of an arts magazine environment. Although internship opportunities are not always available, we will consider intern applications throughout the year.

Interns typically work with the organization 2-4 days a week, depending on availability, and we ask that you commit a minimum of two months. Internships are unpaid, though we are happy to write letters of support, or work with schools to arrange for academic credit.

Fameless Publishing Group offers several internships; General, Editorial, Grants and Development, Marketing and Fairs & Editions. If you would like to apply for one of the internships described above, please fill out the form below.