To set this new column off we invited our homie ANRK to participate. ANRK is a tagger/painter/post-graffiti artist/great-dude-all-around living in Jersey City, NJ.  He tends to have pretty damn good taste and just a good eye all around so it made sense to ask ANRK to curate a collection of his 9 favorite items.  He came back to us with everything from his favorite 5-panel of shoes to his favorite beer to drink.  Rad stuff, check it.  When you’re done go take a look at his site (, in which you’ll find more of his favorite things, along with his portfolio, which happens to be pure badassery.


1. Bruce Lee,  2. Hoegaarden Beer,  3. Street Art by Hush,  4. Hooters’ wings,  5. Navy Lines 5-Panel by Faded Royalty, 6. Gibson Flying V,  7. Trainspotting Bluray,  8. DeLorean time machine,  9. Wacom Cintiq 24HD

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