FEATURE: Cory Joseph

Cory Joseph is a young writer from Hudson County NJ. His content gives the audience a perspective into, not only how he feels, but how he thinks.
Despite how cold it’s been outside, I was eager to arrange a sit-down with him. I told Cory that I’d be photographing him & accordingly and very self aware he picked a spot very endearing and significant to his upbringing. The view to New York has always been inspiring and calming to him. No matter what has been going on, he’s been able to come back to this spot and just be at ease.

Cory grew up in North Jersey and still resides there with his older brother. His brother is who to blame for Cory’s love of art. With his brother being a songwriter, like any young brother would do, Cory followed in his footsteps. He joined a band and started writing songs for them. “The lead singer asked me to write songs for him, that’s when I realized my writing had potential to be liked” Cory said. “But the first time I actually realized people could have an emotional reaction was when my 8th grade teacher assigned us a one page free write on what we would do if we had one month to live. My paper made the teacher cry.” Moments like that are what makes individuals follow their passions.

Since then Cory has been honing his skills. “Writing prose has to be my favorite thing to write,” Cory says, “second has to be poetry.” Currently, Cory has a series in his blog dedicated to getting extremely personal with his readers. It starts at A & each letter has 10 parts, currently he is working on J.

Not too long ago, Cory got in a coaching accident that temporarily took his ability to read and write away. “I had what I love the most taken away from me for almost 3 months,” He had to relearn to write. He’s rebuilding his way back to health with great diligence and it his recent work shows that he’s back, if not, better than he was pre-accident.

His prose have a certain rhythm and diction and even though they don’t rhyme he expresses it in a way that make the reader feel as if they do. Cory’s craft is very personal. You get a sincere sense of the things he’s feeling and you can tell he holds nothing back. “I’ve always had to tell the girls I’m dating not to read my writing for a few days after we’ve gotten in arguments,” He just free writes and lets his pen get the best of him which proves to be a great way to express himself.

Blog: http://inkforthought.wordpress.com/

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