Not Thrown Together

Made In America is the sophomore record of the national touring pop-rock group Reverse Order, and it’s familiarity is really what sells it forward. Opening track “Waiting” gives a good first impression right out of the gate, introducing a sound that’s been cleanly refined and easy to get into.

Like most talented pop artists, the band gives a lot of drive and passion behind a radio-worthy style that would surely illuminate some of the duller stations in the NJ/NY area, but it’s nothing so spectacular that we really haven’t heard before. That being said, Made In America is certainly not just another thrown together production.

    While I was sort of hoping for a Fall Out Boy-esque approach to pop-rock with both fun danceable music, combined with a heavy, fast, and hard texture and lyrics with real meaning, what the release hits back with it is melancholic movement with a great deal of transparency, lack of subtext, and smoothed out digital effects.

Biggest issue with this record– lack of variety. Every song plays like a breakup ballad; there’s nothing spectacular or fun to entertain and entice the listener. If we’re going to stay for your set, try to make it fun

    While Made In America is in all respects a decent album to check out, stream, and even buy in support of independent artists, the Russo brothers – who make up 2/4’s of the band, still have a ways to go before they find a sound that really impresses upon the senses how much fun and originality can go into pop music, especially when blended with the versatile and always favorable rock genre.

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